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Effects of different finishes and types of wood on dining tables

Woodworking Information about Different Types of Wood

The finish on a wood dining table makes a tremendous difference in the tables appearance. There are many different types and brands of finishes on the market today that totally alter the appearance of wood. You can finish or refinish a table to get the perfect look.

The type of wood the dining table is made out of makes a lot of difference on the durability and ruggedness of the dining table.  A dining table made out of hard wood will give many more years of service than one made out of one of the softer woods. The type of wood used in making the dining table  has a major effect on the appearance of the table.

Here are some informational videos about the different types of woods and finishes to help you make an informed choice.

Different types of wood

When beginning woodworking projects, the first step is picking the right wood for the craft; to select wood, research the different types of wood, such as wh…

Original Source: http://youtu.be/czX3y6ItO5Q

 Different types of finishes

Effects of Oils on Various types of Wood

A quick video showing the effects, and notably the color changes of oils when applied to bare wood. I used several types of wood and oils(mixtures). I simply…

Original source:http://youtu.be/rNHcPNh01Wk


Finishing Wood with Food Safe Beeswax

Just a clip of me finishing 2 different types of wood, siberian elm and hybrid poplar with a beeswax and oil emulsion i make (and use on my woodwork for sale…

Original source:http://youtu.be/H_4AZVUDgvU

Here is an article on Wikipedia about wood finishes:




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